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Few months back,a very close friend of mine was in the strong webs of depression.I’m gonna share how it starts,her story and how she survived it.


Minute issues leading to critical thoughts!!!!.The more you pay attention to it,it enlarges it’s tentacles and spreads just like a fungal infection.Reason for living is cut off, moodiness sets in ……then the mood swings.When depressed, happiness is short-termed or non-existent.Alternatives to bring back happiness and prolong it’s stay creeps in.These may include sex, alcoholism, smoking and drugs..to mention but a few.Pleasure may be derived at the moment..but hey, it’s short-termed.Now,when the effect of the “supposed temporal pleasure”is over,emptiness overshadows the heart…..and then it becomes obvious that nothing else can fill that vacuum……. another thought sets in;SUICIDE!!!

Funny how it’s all linked…huh??

I’d be sharing my story in my next blog!